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Vienna´s English Theater is back!!!

On November 14th we finally had the unique opportunity to visit an English play again, which unfortunately has not been possible for the past 3 years due to Corona. The "Vienna English Theater" group delighted the students with their performance of "On the Brink". It was a supermodern interpretation of Sophocles' tragedy Antigone. With the highly topical subject of climate change and their professional acting skills, the group of 4 captivated all students.

This play is about Tiggy, who doesn't have an easy life because of her family background. The young student is aware of climate change , but her uncle Creon Nanrod is the boss of an oil company. She originally supports her uncle, but as the play progresses her crush Theo and climate activist Liana Dunmo changes Tiggy's mind about supporting the view of her uncle. One of the play's most prominent themes is that nothing is ever black or white and there's good reason for each point of view. The play also asks to what extent you can neglect others for the sake of your family, away from the egregious problems of global warming.

It was a unique experience and veryone was very enthusiastic about this great piece.

In my estimation this play was really worth seeing. The actors spoke so clearly and you understood the content very well, which is very important when the audience are students and not everyone is at the same English level. Because it is a topical issue, it seemed very realistic to me and I was able to put myself in their shoes.

We are all really looking forward to the next performance and I'm convinced that it will be stunning again. (Marie Wallensteiner, 5BK)

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